Time Management Tips

Time Management Tips growing your business with SEO, Adwords and CRO

Time Management Tips will help you grow your business

”If you’re thinking in start-up mode, and looking for an inspirational seed as a starting point, I highly recommend thinking about time. People will massively overpay for it. And if you can figure out that trade off, you’re putting your business in a good position.” – Gary Vaynerchuk

Why are Time Management Tips important?

Time is a valuable intangible asset, however we sometimes fail to realize exactly how important it is to us. How many times have you thought: “I wish I had more time to finish this task”, or” I would rather do something better with my time”. We do value our time, especially when it comes to our alone/free time. When it is just about yourself and you have a chance to actually listen to your thoughts and relax.
Even though time is so important to us, we have a distorted perception of it. First of all, we do not own time. Saying” I have time for that” is not a certainty, because time will pass no matter what you had planned. Secondly, we find ourselves completing a task in a stressful way and blame it on time. We do however complete it, and then utterly ignore what got us in that stressful situation in the first place. Therefore, we repeat our mistakes and find ourselves in the same situation again, while blaming everything on lack of time.
So why is time management important? Time management is essential to you as a person and also to your business, as it will help with increasing overall effectiveness.

By using these Time Management Tips, you will:

• Reduce stress and anxiety about future tasks
• Gain self-discipline and control over your actions
• Have more time for yourself – which is crucial because it allows your mind to breath and stay creative
• Complain less or stop complaining all together about lack of time. You will, therefore, seem more professional and feel like you have accomplished more.
• Increase your performance and create better content
• Understand how valuable time is

So how can you achieve these results? And what is stopping you from starting? Well, the hardest work is to understand exactly how much work it takes to complete your tasks. You often face a task (or multiple tasks) that will give you a headache only by thinking at the amount of TIME and WORK it requires. But if you break it down in categories and assign some achievable goals, it will instantly seem do-able. These Time Management Tips will help you in managing your workload. Once you’ve done that, think about your goals related to the work you are doing, and then about the best course of action to accomplish those goals.

Here are a few Time Management Tips that will help you complete your tasks:

Time Management Tips

Task management
FOCUS on one task at a time and be engaged with what you are doing.
Try to block the noise and everything else in the background, including your personal thoughts. That is not easy to do, it takes practice and most of all, will. Remember that business is only business and leave out personal issues from the work place and vice versa. One way of clearing your mind is to write down everything, any good idea you get or any thought. This method helps you to let go of any unproductive thoughts that are taking up space in your mind. You will have other tasks that require your attention, so in order to stay focused you have to prioritize.

Plan exactly what you will be doing for the day.
Start with the most important task and after, you can focus on the rest. Make a time frame of how long each task should take. At the end of the day you will be happy with your results and feel like you have accomplished a lot.To be able to distinguish the most important tasks you first have to be aware of all your workload for the day. Plan everything you will be doing that day, from your morning routine to your evening, and observe which are the most important activities and how long it takes you to complete them.

Plan buffer time.
Things will sometimes go south and you have to be prepared for that. Take into account some buffer time in between meetings or tasks.

Start early.
Instead of allowing tasks to swamp up and stress you out, start with the most important ones as soon as possible. Also, it is smart to set early goals of completing your task. Set your mind to doing it in the least amount of time possible.

Write down your ideas in one sitting.
Start working within the first few minutes of turning on your computer, instead of falling into the traps of procrastination. If it is possible, finish your task in one sitting without interruptions, as this will keep you stay focused on the task at hand.

Save time for breaks!
This step is the most important when it comes to how your brain works. If you are too clouded by tasks flying around from every corner, you will have less time to think and to actually be creative. Give your brain some time to breath so that it can be ready to face the next task.

Life manangement

Routine is important in your life
Successful people have routines. Plan your week, even your weekend activities.

Learn how to say” no”.
You can’t do it all, focus on the most important in order to create quality. Otherwise, ask someone that is very good at their job to do it for you – DELEGATE your work.

Make a system that works for you.
Two people are not alike, so why would their time planning be? You know the most about yourself: at what time of the day you are the most productive, how long it usually takes you to complete a task, how you handle time pressured situations and working under stress, and so on.

Take advantage of your” dead time”.
When you have to drive for a long time to get to a meeting, or maybe you have to take the train – listen to interesting audio books, read, make important calls; a lot can be done in ten minutes. We started this discussion with a quote from Gary Vaynerchuk, so if you like what he has to say, then take a look at how he quantifies his dead time.

Stay healthy
By making smart choices when it comes to: food, physical activities during your free time, and the most important – sleep (get your 8 hours of sleep every night). This will keep your energy level up and will make you able to stay focused and accomplish the goals that you have set for yourself.

Important Takeaways

These Time Management Tips are your new best friend. Of course at first it will feel unnatural to plan every single thing you do, or to write down every idea that comes into your mind. Think about being time effective with our Time Management Tips as training for a big game – you need a certain training routine, a strict diet, and plenty of rest in order to win big.
Your biggest challenge will be to clear your head, stay focused and engaged in your task. Being passionate about what you are doing helps, but sometimes you still have to work for it.
Give your brain small breaks and give it time to breathe, so that it can still be as creative and innovative as you are used to.

Remember, wasted time cannot be recycled!

Tell us about your ways of effectively planning your time:
What works the best for you when it comes to time management?