A website speed test is crucial for user experience

A website speed test is crucial for user experience and customer conversions

Website Speed Test

In todays global and mobile connectiveness, a fast website is mandatory for a great user experience and search engine friendliness.
Check back to this Website Speed Test page each time you’ve made modifications to your website, to make sure your website is still blazing fast. Speed optimization begins with knowing how fast your website is before modification.
Seofix and other speed geeks recommended that website load speed time is less than 2 seconds, and preferably less than 1 second – to also favorize mobile user experience.

Super fast speed and so what?
Google Caffeine Update from 2010 is the one to be worried about here. For you it means that it is extremely important that you pay attention to how quickly your website loads and responds to visitors (in the browser). Today load speed is a significant quality factor when you want to rank high on Google because the fastest will be the winner, when the rest of your website is also top quality.

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The Google Pagespeed Insights Website Speed Test

Google Pagespeed Insights for Developers is a great resource for answers and visual about mobile and desktop performance.
Use this website test when you want a quick overview of actionable items and score for your speed optimization efforts, usually concerning JavaScript and CSS in above-the-fold content.
Link to Official Google Pagespeed Insights

The GTMetrix Website Speed Test

GTMetrix is a great and extensive test that allows you to also download a comprehensive PDF of your test results. This website test also shows the PageSpeed and YSlow score for convenient reference and comparison. Recommendations usually concern JavaScript, CSS, images, HTML and minification.
Link to Official GTMetrix Website Speed and Performance Optimization.

The Pingdom Website Speed Test

Pingdom is a great alternative speed test compared to GTMetrix, as there is a full load time table (requests) and an option of an email service for continued monitoring.
Link to Official Pingdom Website Speed Test

The Webpagetest Website Speed Test

Webpagetest is a bit older design, and also has a variety of options for selecting test location and browser type. If you use the test from this page you will also have to scroll right to activate the “Start test” button. Gives a detailed first and repeat view loading website and a content breakdown with graphics.
Alternatively you can open the website test in a full window via the link below.
Link to Official Webpagetest Website Performance and Optimization Test.

Making a serious impact on the market
Think about it this way. When you are planning 5-10 years in the future to make sure your business grows and expands according to your goals – the only way you’re going to reach this goal, is if there are enough customers to back the revenue.
Customers are satisfied leads, that once were visitors og your website. So a Website Speed Test is crucial to determining if the visitor experiences a great first hand impression of your digital presence, because then you have a chance of converting a percentage of these satisfied visitors into leads etc.
So is this the time for you to take the quality and speed of your website REALLY SERIOUSLY NOW?

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Seofix always recommends relying on the hard data and facts, when it comes to websites and the technical platforms.
Test and re-test using this collection of Website Speed Tests anytime.