Appearing in Google and other search engines result pages is a great way to get in your business in front of potential customers. Getting organic traffic to your website is still the best way to get customers, who are searching for your products and services on the web. And on top of that, it is free.

Submit Site to Search Engines

Nowadays, search engines have developed considerably and manual submission may not even be necessary. It is likely that once you have launched your website, with a week or two, search engines will find your website, crawl it and index it.
Nevertheless, if you want to be sure that search engines index your site it is advisable to do it manually. The two search engines with the highest volume of search are google and bing, so it is enough to submit your site to those two search engines. You should also keep in mind that the submission is free.

Submit Site to Search Engines: Google

The process is pretty straight forward. First create an account in google search console. Having this account will later help you identify problems with your site and gain useful insights about its performance. But for now the goal is to submit your site. Once you have made the account, you need to simply enter your site’s URL. The next step is to verify ownership of the website. The easiest way is to add your google analytics’ tracking code.
Verifying ownership of the website is the final step and now you have successfully submitted your site to google.

Submit Site to Search Engines: Bing

If you think that Bing is not that used in the country where you operate, you may choose to skip this submission. Just keep in mind that the process is easy and you never know, which search engine are your potential customers using to find you
The process of submitting a site to bing is almost identical to the one for Google. First you need to create a Bing login and then go to Bing webmaster tools. Once you are in the webmaster tools section, you can type your URL , insert a code, to verify you are not a robot and press submit. Then you will also need to verify ownership of the website. There are several options to verify ownership of your website. This may be a little difficult if you are not familiar with HTML, since you need to add a portion of code to you your site. So you might want to consult your web developer.
Submitting your site to search engine helps them find it as soon as possible, crawl it, index it and show it for relevant search. By doing those to submission you make sure that your site gets in front of the people looking for your business, without wasting any time.