Whether you work in a seo agency and work with multiple websites, or you work with seo inhouse, you need a seo reporting software. The software helps you structure your work, monitor seo campaigns and present results to the interested parties, whether that is your manager or the clients, you make seo optimization for.

SEO reporting software

SEO Powersuite is a seo reporting software, which covers all aspects off seo and generates reports, helping you to keep track and analyze your seo activities. You can generate reports about keyword usage and keyword performance, website traffic, back link profiles, website structure and areas to improve upon, link building, content optimization and much more.

Customizable seo reporting software

This seo reporting software allows you to choose what to include in the reports you want to generate:

  • When generating a report you can choose what seo data and sections you want to include. Through using tags, you can also concentrate on specific content pages, keywords or link partners, and only the chosen ones will be included in the reports. In this way you can generate reports, specific to your needs.
  • You also have the option to choose the colors of your reports. You can match them with the colours of your brand and you can also include you logo in the reports. Those options allow you to create distinctive reports matching your brand.
  • Show your customers how their keywords perform over time. You can include graphs of any period showing visibility and number of visits, and also the number of the link partners.
  • You are also able to edit html in the reports. Having that option, allows you to create unique sections in the reports. Although the seo reporting software gives you plenty of ways for creating customizable reports, by being able to edit the html code, it allows you to change anything you want and create truly unique seo reports. You can write comments or recommendations anywhere you see fit.
  • You also have the option to create multilingual seo reports. You can generate reports in the most common languages. Even if the software does not support the language, you have the option to translate it yourself, and create the report in the language you need.SEO powersuite`s seo reporting software gives you a wide range of data, covering every aspect of seo. It also gives you to option to customize your reports in any way you sit fit. This gives you the opportunity to generate highly relevant seo reports for the interested party. Whether this is you manager, clients or colleagues, you can present them with the report they need.

If you want to know more about SEO Powersuite, visit their official website and make the first step to improving your seo activities and reporting.