Seo includes many activities and sometimes it may be hard for you track the progress and outcomes. Wheather you do your seo in house or you work with an external partner, seo reports are a great way to follow progress and show results from your activities. Depending on, who generates the report and who will read it, its content and structure may vary, but there are some sections that you need to have.

Iniatial SEO report

This seo report is created before the start of the seo campaign and its goal is to set a baseline so that you can measure results during and after the campaign.

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Content of the initial seo report

Set goals

It is important to have clearly identified goals before the project starts. In this way you will be able to weigh in on the results at the end of the campaign. Goals can vary, you can set goals like: newsletter subscribtions, increased brand awareness, downloaded brosures or sales. If the goal is not sales, try to assign a monetary value to the goals you have set.

Keyword report

In this part of the seo report, you come up with a list of keywords and examine how difficult it will be to rank well for them. Examine the competition and decide if it would be worthy to target very competitive keywords. At the end stage decide on a final list of keywords and write down what is your current ranking position for them.

Website audit report

Here you need to cover various on site elements and decide which of them need to be optimized. It is advisable to include a list with:
• Page titles and descriptions
• Server Response codes.
• Keyword usage
• Backlinks

Once you have created those seo reports you will be able generate a list of keywords you want to target and another list with elements of your onsite seo, which need to be improved. You will also have your list of goals and it will help you measure the success of your seo activities.

Post campaign SEO report

In this seo report you want to describe the work that has been done: built links, changed titles and description, resolved server response codes and any other activity that has been implemented on the site.

After you have listed the activities, it is time to make a summary of the progress made. You can include: keyword ranking for the targeted keywords, site traffic, reason for increase/decrease of site traffic and any other aspect you find relevant,

In the final part of this seo report, it is time compare the progress being made against the set goals from the initial seo report. Now you see why it was important to set goals in the beginning of the project. Without, you will not be able to measure the value you get from your seo activities.

Managing your seo tasks is of utmost importance for your online success. This is why I recommend seo reports created by link-assistant, they will help you monitor and supervise the whole range of activities.