SEO is a continuous process, where progress needs to be checked all the time in order to see what works and what doesn’t and make corrections if necessary. With the help of a seo rank checker you can track how your site ranks for particular keywords.

SEO rank checker

By using seo rank checking tool you can monitor how your site is performing in the search results for the keywords you have chosen. You can see your progress and which keywords perform for your business the best. Based on that information you can evaluate your seo strategy, make changes and devote more resources on keywords that give you the best results.

Rank tracker by SEO Powersuite

This rank tracking tool gives you all the necessary information related to the performance of your keywords. Below you can check some of the features the rank checking tool provides:
• Tracks rankings from many search engines – Based on your needs, you can choose to track your ranking for keywords in different search engines and specific countries.
• Ranking progress – You get an overview of how your rank for your keywords has changed over time.
• Shows the most profitable keywords – For every keyword you get the exact number of searches, the competition and a keywords efficiency index, which helps you decide on the keywords that are worth targeting.
• Suggests keywords – This seo rank checker also has a feature, which gives ideas of what other keywords you can target.
• Unlimited domains – You can use the tool for as many domains as you would like. You can also track unlimited number of keywords of any of those domains.
• Schedule tasks – You have to option to schedule tasks in advance and when the time comes, the tool will run its analysis and you can just look at the data. This is a real time saver.
• Constant updates: As the search field is changing all time, the rank tracker is updated when necessary. This ensures that the ranking results you get are accurate.
Remember, those are just a few of the features the Rank tracker has. If you want to know more about it, visit SEO powerSuites´s official page