Doing seo optimization can be a heavy task. There are various seo elements, which need to be addressed, and in order to do that you need to use numerous tools.

SEO powersuite

This is a software, containing 4 seo tools, which allows you to address all the aspects of seo. We give you a brief overview of what those four tools can help your seo activities.

SEO powersuite: Rank tracker

Seo powersuite*s Rank tracker provides various insight about keywords and how you rank for them in the search engines.

Identify the most suitable keywords. You can find new keywords, by using the function ” Suggest keywords”. The tool also show you the search volume for the keywords and the competition level, which helps you decide, which keywords are worth targeting.
Keyword ranking position. The tool automatically checks how your site ranks for the chosen keywords and you can easily see the progress your site makes in the rankings.

SEO Powersuite: Website auditor

This is a great tool for performing an seo audit. The website auditor examines your website and shows you errors and how to fix them. Some of the areas included are:

Technical issues: You get insights about crawling errors, redirects and broken links, coding issues and page size.
Content problems: Identify missing or duplicate title tags and meta description or insufficient content on pages.
Individual pages. You get full analysis on each page and recommendations on how to improve them, as well as the the top the competing pages for your targeted keywords.

SEO Powersuite: Spy Glass

Spy Glass is the perfect tool for analyzing your backlink profile and those of your competitors. Here are a couple of ways you can use the tool:

Examining your own back link profile: seo powersuite’s spy glass, shows you all the links pointing to your website. There are also recommendations on which links you need to remove, because they might be potentially harmful.
Examining competitors’ backlink profile. Taking a look at a competitor’s backlink profile provides you with possible link building opportunities. After all if a site has linked to your competitors, why not link back to you.

SEO Powersuite: Link Assistant

The tools makes your link building activities easier and more structured. Here is how you can use it.

Discover link building opportunities and contact the identified partners.
Keep all your link data well organized.
Have your backlink profile at a glance all the time and monitor its change over time.

Keep in mind that those are just some of the functions SEO powersuite offers. If your want to get a full overview of its functionality, visit SEO powersuit’s original website.