There are a large number of seo optimization tools, addressing different aspects of seo optimization like: keyword research. Link building, on page optimization, seo audit. Selecting a tool from all the seo optimization tools out there can be overwhelming. This is why we have created a list for your.

Seo optimization tools

Google analytics

GA shows a variety of data related to the performance of your site. Knowing how to read the data and act on it is essential for your seo activities. One of the most important insights you can derive from this seo optimization tool is how visitors interact with your website. Including, What keywords they use to find you? Where do they enter the website? How do they navigate throught the website? Having that knowledge, you can concentrate your efforts in the needed direction.

Screeming frog

This is a great tool for a quick seo audit of large and small websites. It can crawl up to 500 urls and give you information about server responce codes, broken links, title tags and meta discriptions. It is really useful tool, because with very liitle effort and time spent, you get get a overview of some really important seo elements.

Check my links

An extension for chrome and mozila, which you can use to easily find broken links on your site. Your can also use it for link building. Find broken links on other websites and sent an e-mail to the webmaster with a list of the broken links and suggest that, if they find your website useful, they can link back to you. This is a very simple way to get more backlinks.

Similar Web

You can get a quick overview of the performance of your website and also use it for competition analysis. The tool gives you infomation about your traffic, traffic sources and much more insights. This seo optimization tool also shows you a list of similar to yours sites. You can then easily compare compare data about your site and theirs, and gain valuable ideas for increasing the traffic to your website.

GT Metrix

Since page speed is becoming increasingly more important for search rankings and user experince, it is important to have a tool to help you. GT metrix analyzes the page speed of your site and also suggests where you can make improvements. It is fast and easy to use. As an alternative you can also use Google Page Speed Insights.

This is by no means a comprehensive list of seo optimization tools. Nevertheless, by combining those four you get a solid undestanding of the performance of your website and the necessary seo work, which needs to be done in order to rank higher in the search engine rankings.