Put in simple words, seo is a set of activities, designed to help your website show higher in the search results, when people type a particular search term. Next, we will take a look at some of those activities, aiming at ranking your site better and showing your business to more searchers.

SEO for Dummies: Technical seo optimization

The first set of seo activities concentrate on the technical aspects of your site. Here you need to make sure that your site is easily crawlable by search engines. This is necessary in order for search engines to be able to index you site. If the site can not be indexed, all other activities are pointless. In this stage, you need to examine the following:
• Design and architecture
• Site speed
• Robot.txt and xml sitemap
• Internal linking
The most common mistake made by site owners is that the site is accessible from multiple URLs. Usually from both the www version and the non www version. In the eyes of the search engines, these are two completely different websites and create problems with ranking and link value.

SEO for Dummies: Keyword research and competition analysis

It is that simple, you can not have an effective seo without knowing which keywords you will be targeting and what the competition you are going to face is. It is not hard to argue, that keyword research is one of the most important aspects of seo. After you know what your target audience is searching for, you will be better able to address their quarries and show up in the search results.
Analyzing your online competitors will help you understand where you stand compared to them. It will also give you insights on their strategy and what is working for them. You can learn from your competitors, both what to do and what not to do. This can potentially save you many wasted resources.

SEO for Dummies: Onpage seo optimization

After you have done the keyword research and analyzed the competitors, now it is time to put those insights in use. Start creating content or update the content you already have. Make sure you include the keywords you have chosen in the following on page elements:
• The text – Although obvious many people fail to do it.
• In the title tags and meta descriptions
• In the URL of the page
• In Alt tags – Those are alternative tags for the pictures, explaining what the picture is.
You need the have the keywords you are targeting in those elements if you want to ranks well. But remember, you cant just put keywords and hope to rank high, you also need to create grate content, which will be useful for your visitors.