There are many different seo activities and it is easy to get lost. Many website owners fail to follow the basics and as a result the performance of their websites suffers. By following our 5 seo best practices, you will ensure that your site has a stable seo foundation, which will prepare it for success.

4 seo best practices, which will jumpstart your seo

Site speed – SEO best practices

Search engines use site speed as a ranking factor, because they want to provide the best user experience, and so do you. There are studies showing that, if your site does nit load in 3 seconds 60% of the users leave and go to your competition. In you don’t want to miss on all those potential customers; you need to optimize the speed of your site. Make sure images are optimized; web pages are compressed and check server response times. Another reason for low speed is poor website hosting.
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Title tags – SEO best practices

Title tags may be the most important element of your page, which needs to be optimized, and yet many people fail to do that. The function of the title tag is to show both the user and the search engine, what the page is about. You need to make sure that the title tags clearly communicate to the user what the page addresses. Use keywords in the title and keep it under65 characters.

Meta description – SEO best practices

This is another element, which often gets overlooked. It is not used by search engines for ranking factor, but is a great opportunity for you to use it as a free advertisement space. Write a convincing description, summarizing the content of the page and saying why the user needs to click on your page. Used correctly, meta descriptions, can increase click through rates.

Backlinks – SEO Best Practices

Search engines consider backlinks as a sign of approval from the webpages linking to you. Having a well-balanced link building strategy is crucial for you online success. Best seo practices suggest that you need to have relevant links (from websites in your industry) pointing back to you. As far as links are concerned, you need to think quality first. The days of acquiring 200 links at once are over and search engines will even penalize your site for that. You need to also make sure that the anchor text of the backlinks is varied, a combination between keywords, brand name and your URL.
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