Having a well optimized website is essential for the online success of your business. Otherwise you are most probably missing on quality traffic from search engines and consequently, on potential customers. This is why an SEO audit needs to be performed in order to identify issues, preventing your site from ranking high on the search engines result page. A seo audit examines technical aspects, on page and off page optimization of your site.
Addressing those problems leads to increased visibility, better user experience and improved conversion rates.

SEO audit tools

There are various tools, which you can use for performing seo audit. Below you can see three of them and what elements of your website you can examine with them.
Screaming frog
Screaming frog is a program, which you can easily install on your lap top or PC. It crawls your website like a search engine and gives you actionable information related to your onsite optimization. Some of the aspects you can address, using screaming frog are:
• Identify redirects and check server response codes.
• Analyze URL structure.
• Check for missing or duplicate page titles and descriptions.
• Identify not optimized images and missing alt text.
After the tools has finished crawling your website, you can export the data into an excel sheet and easily audit the data and optimize your website.

Search Console
This is a free tool provided by Google in order to help webmasters. Ones you have registered and verified the ownership of your site, you have access to useful information about your website. Some of the insight you can get with that tool are:
• Search queries – Shows search queries, which have triggered search engines to how your site, along with estimate keyword position, number of impressions and clicks.
• Links to your site – Shows other webpages, which have links to you. It is great for examining your backlink profile and updating your link building strategy.
• Technical aspects: Gives information about broken links, crawl errors, page speed and HTML improvements.
By using this tool for your seo audit, you get very useful, actionable information with very little effort.

Google analytics
You need to add your site to google analytics and it will start gathering information about the visitors and how they interact with your website. This tool provides you insights on the performance of your webpages and where it can be improved. You get data about:
• Where do visitors enter your website and where do they exit?
• How many pages they see per visit and how long do they stay on them?
• What devices are they using?
• Do visitors return to your website?
By answering those questions, you will get an understanding of how users view your website and where you need to make improvements.
Those are three tools, which you can use to perform a basic seo audit. If you want to take your audit to the next level and improve your websites performance, visit link-assistant and find out how the website auditor tool can help you do that.