Search Engine Optimization covers a large number of areas on how you can improve the performance of your website in the search rankings. For website owners, who are not familiar with the topic it can be discouraging. This is why we have picked 9 Search Engine Optimization Tips, which will help you start optimizing your site and get your business in front of the people searching for it.

Search Engine Optimization Tips

Tip 1. Create fresh content weekly

Search engines love fresh content and they reward websites, which generate content often, with higher ranking in the search results page. If the nature of you website doesn’t allow you to make constant updates, create a blog, where you can upload new content.

Tip 2. Usage of keywords
Include keywords in the text, title tags and meta descriptions of your pages, alt text, anchor texts and picture file names. Having your keywords in those elements helps search engines understand the topic of your page and display it for relevant search queries.

Search Engine Optimization Tips: Links

Tip 3. Internal linking

Make sure you link between the pages of your website, so that they are well connected. This helps both the search engines to crawl your website, and the visitor to navigate easily between the different sections of your website. When linking between your pages, link with anchor text including keywords.

Tip 4. Inbound links

Acquiring links from other websites is a must. If another site is linking back to you, search engines view that as a vote of approval that you site has useful content. Remember to focus on quality over quantity. Having an authority website in your industry link back to you is way more valuable than having 10 links from non-relevant websites.

Search Engine Optimization Tips: Technical aspects

Tip. 5 Don’t use Frames

Don’t use frames on your pages. Any content or links, which are included in a frame, are invisible for search engines. For achieving best seo results, you should also avoid the usage of Ajax and Flash.

Tip. 6 Optimize speed

Speed is really important for the users and for your ranking. Make sure that your remove anything that slows down your speed. This may include not optimized images; flash, unnecessary plug ins or music players. Remember to also check how reliable your hosting service is.

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Tip. 7 Link to other websites

You should also link to websites, which have authority in your industry and have relevant content. This communicates to google that your site is also trustworthy. By linking to others, you also may start a beneficial partnership with them and receive links back to your site.

Search Engine Optimization Tips: Duplicate content

Tip. 8 Duplicate elements

Search engines don’t like duplicate content. It may result in a penalty or your own pages competing amongst themselves. Check your site for duplicate content and resolve the issue. Also check the title tags and Meta descriptions and make sure they are unique for each page.

Tip. 9 Google analytics

Create a google analytics account. You get huge amount of data about the performance of your site and can gain a lot of insight about how users interact with it. You need to also create a google search console account and submit your site. There you can see if there are any technical issues with your website.

If you follow those 9 search engine optimization tips, you will ensure that your website is optimized and is both user and search engine friendly.