There are various aspects of seo and this is why there are many search engine optimizations techniques that you can use in order to improve the performance of your website and consequently achieve higher rankings in the search results. We give you 5 search engine optimization techniques, which will help you do just that.

Search Engine Optimization Techniques for higher rankings

Start with keywords
Every search engine optimization project needs to start with keyword research. It is essential for the success of your seo activities, to find a list with keywords, which are relevant for your business and are actually used by people who search for your services online. When choosing keywords to target, you need to evaluate them based on the search volume, the amount of competitors trying to rank for those same words and the user intent behind those keywords.

Search Engine Optimization Techniques: Content

Create valuable content for users
Once you have identified those keywords, it is time to start creating content, or modify existing content on your website, and incorporate those keywords throughout the content and other seo elements. Try to include your keywords in the title tags and description of the page, in the alt tags and the file names of images and anchor texts. When creating the content, don’t forget that it needs to be written for users. Your content needs to answer specific questions or give valuable information to the visitors of the website. Creating valuable content will make your visitors come back to your site and eventually convert into customers.

Upload content frequently
Search engines love fresh content and they reward websites, which produce fresh content frequently. If you cannot update the content of your web pages regularly, it is a great idea to create a company blog. Having a blog on your website gives you the opportunity to create valuable content, which targets the chosen keywords. Remember to post on your blog at least once a week.

Search Engine Optimization Techniques: Links and tracking

Build links that matter
One of the most beneficial search engine optimization techniques is link building. Links are maybe the single most important factor for ranking high in the search results. After you have   created great content, it is time for link building efforts. You need to concentrate your link building activities in acquiring high quality links. Aim at sites, which have influence in your industry or are in some way related to your business. Your focus should be the quality of the links and not numbers. A high value link has two qualities: it is from a relevant for your business site and can bring a lot of highly targeted traffic to your website.

Track results
All of your efforts are pointless, if you don’t know whether they generate the results you want. It may be number of unique visitors, returning visitors, newsletter sign ups or sales. No matter the goals, you need to keep track of the progress and see if your efforts generate the wanted results. Create an account in Google Analytics and it will give you the opportunity to track all the goals you have set. It will also enable you to see how your pages perform, how visitors interact with your site and based on that information, you can make changes if necessary.
Another way to track your results is to get a rank tracker that supplies you with the REAL position on Search Engines like Google (Don’t Google your own keywords as Google is tracking your searches with cookies on your computer etc.)