Link building is still an important part of seo and is here to stay. You need to invest time and other resources into creating a link building strategy in order to acquire relevant links to your site.  Here is why.

How search engines use links?

Google and other search engines use links in to ways.
• To find new pages. When crawling your site, search engines use links to go from one page to the other and discover the relationship between those pages. The internal linking structure of your site, communicates to the search engines how the pages are related.
• To determine the importance of a page and how well it is ranked in the search results. One of the ranking factors google uses is the amount and the relevance of links pointing to your website.

Link building strategy and the benefits for your business.?

Defining your link building strategy and following it month after month will help you go in front of your online competitors. Some of the reasons you need to take link building activities seriously are:
• Improved search visibility for your site. Acquiring quality links, communicates to search engines that your site is important and they give it higher rankings.
• Increased brand exposure. Building links exposes your site to a broader audience.
• Can bring you highly targeted referral traffic. Getting links from sites in your industry gives a new source of quality traffic, likely to convert to customers.
• Can help you build long lasting relationships with people from your industry or other relevant partners.

Link building strategy. Keep it diverse.

Link building tactics your business can use to acquire high quality links.
• Testimonials. This is a great, easy way to acquire relevant links. Speak with contractors, consultants and customers you are in business with. You get the benefit of the links and social proof on top of that.
• Ask your employees. You may be surprised how many of your employees have blogs or personal websites.
• Use your company’s expertise and knowledge and write quest posts for websites related to your industry.

No matter what shape does your link building strategy take. Your should keep in mind the following:

• Acquire links from sites relevant to your business, ideally from your industry.
• If the site is not related to your industry, at list the page that links to you needs to have content related to your business/product.
• Make sure the links have varied anchor text and are not over optimized with keywords.
• Quality over quantity. It is better to acquire one quality link from relevant website, than to get 20 links from websites, which are not at all related to your industry.

A well balanced link building strategy is essential for your online success. Visit link-assistant and find out how seo spyglass and link assistant can help with your link building activities.