Link building is a vital part of any seo strategy, yet many site owners don’t have either the knowledge, or the resources to plan their link building strategies. Don’t make the same mistake.

Link building strategies which work

Create a company blog

Create a blog on your site and upload content regularly. Make sure that the content you create is informative and valuable. Readers appreciate that and encourages them to link back to it or to share in on social networks. You get not only links to your site buy also a broader reach of potential customers and brand exposure. When creating content, take advantage of all the resources and expertise you have throughout the organization. Ask employees and customers about ideas for useful content.

Give something for free

Giving sample products or discounts on selected items can generate a buzz and result in many people linking to your site. You may even get news coverage from media, which covers news related to your business. This is really simple yet effective way to make people want to links to you and you need to use it as one of your link building strategies.

Customers and business partners

Many people overlook this opportunity and do not use it as a part of their link building strategies. Your business has already established relationships with many customers and partners. So just ask. You will be surprised by how many will link back to you if they have been satisfied with you in the past. You get links and you get a sense of trustworthiness added to your brand.


Why not use your competitors` link building strategies to your advantage. As a start, choose 2 of your biggest online competitors and analyze their backlink profiles. Examine the pages, which link back to our competitors and try to see how they managed to earn the link. If your competitor succeeded in getting a link to their site, the chance of you getting one too is pretty good. Do not miss on that opportunity.

Build relationships

There are many ways to build relationships with people related to your industry. Some of the easier once are being active in forums, leaving comments in relevant blogs and social networking. A great way is also to link to webpages related to your products and services. It is highly likely that they will notice you and maybe even link back to you. Sometimes all the above efforts may not result in receiving a link, but you build relationships with people in your industry and you get your brand and product out there for people to see. All that exposure may bring you new customers or business partners.

Executing your link building strategies takes time and effort, but the results are worthy. Find out how SpyGlass can and link assistant can help you structure your activities.