Keyword research is the seo activity that needs to be undertaken at the start of every seo project. There are numerous keyword research tools out there that can be used during the process. Some of them are paid but there are plenty which are free. A great free keyword research tool is google’s Keyword planner.

Free Keyword research tool: Keyword planner

This keyword research tool is totally free. You only need to create a google adwords account and you will be able to use it and find keywords related for your business. Once you have registered in google adwords you are ready to go and can start your keyword research.

When you start looking for new keywords the tool gives you 3 options:

Product or service – Here you can type keywords or keywords phrases, related to your business.
Landing page – You have the option to insert the URL of the page you want to find new keyword ideas for
Product category – Here you can choose between a vast number of predefined product categories. If you use that option, make sure you select the category that best describes your business.
You have the option to use one of those ways to look for new keyword ideas, two of them or all three. Once you have chosen how you want to conduct the search for keywords, the keyword research tools presents you with options to make your search more targeted. You can specify the following criteria:

Geo targeting – You can select a specific country, a region or a city
Language – You have the option to select one or more languages to target.
Search engine – Specify a search engine, you can choose between google or search engines, which are within the google search network.
As you can see you have plenty of options to customize your keyword research to you own needs. Once you have chosen the desired options from above, you can click get ideas, and you will receive the following information for the new keywords ideas:

Monthly searches – This number shows how many times the keyword has been used in search from users. Useful information is that the tool gives the monthly searches for the last 12 months and you can spot trends for the keywords. This can be pretty helpful when choosing keywords. If you see that searches for keywords are constantly declining, maybe you should use it.
Competition – Here you can get a pretty good idea of how difficult it would be to rank for a specific keyword. The higher the competition, the more difficult it would be. But keep in mind that the competition show is for advertisers and not for organic traffic. Nevertheless, it can be used as a pretty good indicator about the competition you will face if you decide to target the particular keyword phrace.
Keyword planner is a great free keyword research tool, which can give you new keyword ideas and insights about the competition and the search trend for those keywords.