Finding the right keywords to target can be very time consuming, but there is no way around it. That said, we will offer to your attention a keyword analysis tool, which with relative ease will offer you plenty of keyword ideas.

Keyword analysis tool

The keyword analysis tool in question is called The tool is perfect for uncovering long tail terms. This would imply that in order to use it effectively, you need to generate a list with keyword ideas beforehand.

The tool is really easy to use. You just type a term and you are given suggestions based on Google, Bing and YouTube autocomplete. You can get up to 700 ideas for long tail keywords to potentially target. The generate ideas come from actual user searches, which makes them even more valuable.

On top of the keyword ideas, there is a questions tab. Based on the term you have typed, the keyword analysis tool, also generates questions. Those questions are a great source of ideas about future content. The content will not only target the keywords you have chosen, but it will also answer specific problem or question your users are looking for.

As mentioned above, this tool is especially useful for uncovering long tail keywords. Many website owners neglect the use of such terms, because they do not have such a high search volume. What they fail to take into account though, is the fact that those long tail terms are more likely to bring visitors who will become customers.

Another useful feature of this keyword analysis tool is that you can choose google for different countries. This can help you gain insights about keywords for specific countries, because different nationalities often have different search patterns and search for different attributes of a product or service. This allows you to target people from specific country even more accurately.

You also have the option to choose between 83 languages. You can make any combination between google’s domain for different countries and language. This allows you to acquire even more information about the search terms in the specific country and the specific language. After you are done with the keyword research, it is really easy to extract the data. You just click on the copy button, which is at the top right of the screen.

The free version of can provide you with plenty of keyword ideas. If you want to find out how to take your keyword analysis to the next level, check how SEO powersuits’ Rank tracker can help you achieve this.