Before we start with tips on how to do seo, there is something , which needs to be mentioned. Seo is a continuous process and sometimes you need months in order to see results. Commitment and patience are essential, but if you stick to the process, you will receive more targeted traffic, leading to more conversions.

Before you start any seo activities, set goals, so you can measure the result of your seo.

How to do seo onsite

It all starts with content. You need to create valuable, compelling content, which will keep the visitor interested. Before you start planning your content you need to need to address a few aspects, in order to it friendly for both visitors and search engines.

Find relavent keywords and use them throout the content.
Create compelling title tags and meta discriptions, inviting the user to click and visit your page.
Avoid duplicate content. It has to be unique, whether it is on page, in the title tags or in the metadiscription.
Content doesn’t mean only text, add pictures, videos or infographics where you thing it is appropriate.

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Internal linking is a way to tell search engines, how the pages of your website are related to each other. When building your internal link structure, make sure that the anckor text includes some of the keywords. The anchor text tells search engines what information will beo n the page, your are linking to. If you have a page ( pages), which you think are most important for your business, link to them the most.

Following are some additional elements, which are often neglected by many, when optimizing their pages:

  • Heather tags – Using H- tags, helps both search engines and user to make sence of the content and easily break it down to different sections.
  • Bolded text – Use it when you want to direct the attention of the visitor in a specific part of the text. It also tells the search engine that this part is important.
  • Alt tags and file name – Incorporate relevant keywords in both the name of the image file and the title tag. It shows search engines, what the picture is about.

How to do seo offsite

Offsite seo is often considered link building. Link building is the process of acquiring links from other websites. Search engines value links and they use them as a ranking factor in their algorithams. Having a well thought and diversified link strategy is essential for the online success of your business. Keep in mind that the quality of the links you have is way more important that the quantity. Aim for links from sites relevant to your industry with high domain autority.

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