SEO definition - get the answer to What is SEO?

SEO definition – get the answer to What is SEO?

Defining SEO is pretty straight forward. SEO is a mix of activities, aiming at increasing the amount of quality traffic to your website, by helping it achieve higher rankings in the search engines result page. It is also important to include in the seo definition that it is a continuous process and not a onetime activity.

SEO definition

As mentioned in the above seo definition, it is a set of activities, which need to be continually evaluated and if necessary, altered in order to achieve better results. This set of activities need to be implemented in combination because they complement each other and work together in helping you and your business attract more visitors and turn them into customers.

SEO definition: Aspects of SEO

In order for SEO to have the best possible effect on your online business, all the SEO activities need to be performed in combination. Implementing just one, will also have an effect on your site`s ranking, but not as significant as, if all the activities are used together.

Many people associate SEO with putting keywords in the content. Yes this is also important. You need to do your keywords research and then choose the appropriate ones to include in the content of your pages, in order for search engines to rank your site for those keywords. Nevertheless, do not forget that you write the content for the user. Make sure that the content brings value to them, answers a specific question or ignites a positive emotion. In that way they will keep coming back for more and eventually become customers.

Analyzing the Competition
By examining your online competition, you ensure that stay up to date with the developments in your industry. The activities of your competitors can give you valuable information on what works and what does not work in your field, and save you many time and other resources. This is a great way to come up with new ideas about activities, which will help your increase your online presence.

Keep track of Analytics
Many site owners forget to measure the result of their activities. What if they don’t work? The only way to know if you are doing the right things for your business is to continuously track and compare your metrics: visits, unique visits, small conversion, conversions or any other metrics you consider important for measure the results of your SEO activities. A key point in the SEO definition is that it is not a one time activity. This is why you need to measure results and make adjustments where and if necessary.
The best tools to discover where the adjustments are required, would be: Google Search Console, Google Analytics, creating a Site Audit Report and continuously tracking you rankings with PRO Rank Tracker.

SEO definition: Technical SEO

Addresses issues with the code of your site and its ability to be indexed by the search engines. Some elements include:

  • Creating and modifying robots.txt and xml sitemaps
  • Url structure
  • Canonicalization issues and redirects
  • Server response codes

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