SEO Pricing Pitfalls of Not Knowing Search Engine Optimization Tips

SEO Pricing Pitfalls of Not Knowing Search Engine Optimization Tips

SEO Pricing Pitfalls of Not Knowing Search Engine Optimization Tips

Cluttered SEO pricing

The market for Search Engine Optimization is cluttered. If you’ve ever been in the claws of an SEO company, then I’m sure you know – just like me – that it’s difficult to figure out where your money is going and what value you get from the costly SEO services.

My own conclusion:

  1. Learn SEO Basics before you talk to an SEO company, so you can define your needs very clearly
  2. NEVER ever buy cheap backlinks
  3. Buy the best SEO analysis software on the market called SEO Powersuite so you start on a solid foundation

Keep reading about my personal experience with SEO companies and what Seofix does differently about SEO Pricing.

By John Rhodes


SEO pricing and my first personal experience

2012 was the first time I cooperated with an agency doing Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It was a company of international character. Let’s call it Company A. Today I run several companies (Seofix included), and at that time I wanted to boost a website for one of my other companies that targeted an international market.

After a couple of weeks of research, first via LinkedIn and then via Google, I found a reasonably well established company, that claimed to master the task by way of different activities including a Link Building Strategy.

I paid the $5,000 up front that they wanted and waited anxiously for the results.

1 year after, where I had access to see the activities that the SEO company logged in their customer system, there were still no visible results on Google.

SEO Pricing is a Jungle

During the Winter of 2013 I changed to a national SEO company, Company B, that quickly claimed that the lack of results could be blamed on the website design and relevance (ie. Bounce Rate = the users quickly left the website).

3 months later after I had bought the new website design for $3,000 and had it delivered, there were still no results even though they had expensive SEO Pricing.

In the Spring of 2014 I changed again to another national SEO company, Company C, that claimed the missing results were because of the website response times.

So I changed Web Hosting, and also bought a subscription for $1,500 a month by accepting the SEO Pricing a Company C. I calculated with in my naivety, that they had a firm grip on the task of getting my website ranking than the previous companies.

After 6 months I confronted the SEO company, Company C, about the lack of results. I thought that half a year would be adequate enough for the website response time to do it’s thing. This confrontation gave me insight into the hourly consumption that Company C were invoicing me for on a monthly basis. It was a lot of money for very few hours and nNO results.
So in September 2014 I took the consequence of interrupting all cooperation with any previous SEO Company and started Seofix – because now I wanted to know the truth about getting results with SEO!

SEO Pricing as a one-time payment?

Early in 2015 I learned how badly my first SEO Company, Company A, had advised me when I hired them several years ago. I had to pay another $500 to get the low quality backlinks removed that they had created in bad Link Farms on my behalf. Google had in the meantime hit down hard on these types of links so that they today involve a significant “penalty risk“.

So anybody could argue that I should have known better at the time.
NO! It’s the SEO Company that has to know better! At least that’s what we strive for in everything we do at Seofix: To advise our customers to use a long lasting(strategic) SEO Strategy.

Update August 2015:
Furthermore I learned that the Social Media Manager I had blogging and controlling Social Media activities for the international exposure, was also using bad SEO tactics by waiving my guidelines for SEO Best Practices.
So I terminated the freelance contract.

Update March 2016:
I hired a Junior SEO Specialist with international SEO experience to work with our newly purchased SEO Powersuite Enterprise software, and in a very short period of time new bad links appeared in the software that we were able to “disavow” in Google Search Console, and also new Keywords with ultra low competition that we could use to get even more targeted traffic!

Update April 2016:
Our internationalization plans saw the light of day. was created in Prelaunch to help customers internationally with high quality services and competitive SEO Pricing.

Update December 2016:
A national customer with international exposure achieves a position in the Top 5(SERPs) of, in connection with a keyword combination that has over 3,600 searches a month. The customer is very happy about the result and our reasonable SEO pricing.

Update February 2017:
A national customer achieves in the Top 5(SERPs) of Google, in connection with a keyword combination that has over 6,000 searches a month. The customer is very happy about the result and our reasonable SEO pricing.

Update March 2017:
Seofix is interviewed by Entrepreneur Magazine, that want to write an article for Entrepreneurs that are looking for inspiration about exceptional link building strategies. The article prints in the Summer of 2017.

Update April 2017:
Seofix signs a contract with a customer wanting to position themselves in the US Google Top 3 for a specific keyword combination that has over 200,000 monthly searches – before the Summer of 2017, so that they’re ready with campaigns in the Fall of 2017.

So if you already know some SEO and just need the World Champion in SEO-, Competition- and Backlink Analysis, then I highly recommend SEO Powersuite that’s worth every buck!!
(remember to get the Professional version that can save all your work for later, the Enterprise version can write reports if you have an SEO company that services customers).

SEO Pricing at Seofix

Based on these less than good SEO experiences I’ve had as a customer with several SEO companies, I started Seofix, with the primary goal of creating visible value for our customers – directly in Google or any Search Engines Result Page (SERP) – based on an open and no nonsense communication with our customers.

When you’ve become a customer and had a positive experience with us, then it may be relevant to create a subscription service either ongoing or for a period of time, where we define together what the outcome is of our work.

We are well aware of, that the times are a changing and the SEO recommendations with them. The Google-bots have just gotten to smart now, to try and trick them with cheap or covert tactics. And we take our customers businesses way to seriously to risk their earnings with smart ideas.

SEO Pricing for YOU

If you want guidance or more information, then contact us at Seofix via our form , so we can have a non committing conversation about serious & sensible SEO Pricing.

All the best
John Rhodes, CEO of Seofix